g.tec Newsletter 2011, volume 34 Octobre 2011


1. The winner of the Annual BCI Research Award 2011

2. Our new product catalogue is online now

3. Path-breaking technology: 256 channel biosignal amplifier for invasive and non-invasive measurements of brain functions

4. Publication about the dry electrode system g.SAHARA

3. New development: g.BSanalyze spike toolbox & the intendiX batch file starter

4. Introduction of our branch in Barcelona and of our worldwide distributors

5. ReNaChip: news in the Jerusalem Post

6. Videos of g.REHAbci as well as wheelchair control with SSVEP and motor movement classification with ECoG

7. g.tec's Brain-Computer Interface Workshop and the Spike & ECoG Recording and Analysis Workshop in Washington D.C. during the Neuroscience 2011

8. Workshops and events 2011 & 2012!

Pour toute information détaillée : Newsletter October 2011, Volume 34

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