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g.tec Newsletter 2012, volume 37 (Septembre 2012)


1. Annual BCI Research Award 2012 – the nominees

2. New software release

3. EP-lab plan: recommended setup for an EP lab

4. Use intendiX to paint with a BCI

5. New video-tutorials: g.GAMMAsys, g.SAHARAsys and intendiX

6. g.USBamp is now available in new stunning colors

7. White paper: Brain-computer interface technology for stroke rehabilitation

8. Physiologic changes related to different stages of normobaric hypoxia

9. P300 brain computer interface: current challenges and emerging trends

10. Workshops and events 2012

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 g.tec Newsletter 2012, volume 36 (Mai 2012)


1. The Annual BCI Research Award 2012 - submission deadline approaching

2. New EEG electrode caps for babies and children available

3. New video: Mounting and testing of 16 active dry EEG electrodes within 53 seconds

4. ECoG and BCI lab plans: Recommended setup for a fully equipped BCI lab and ECoG lab

5. Run data acquisition and analysis software remotely for testing

6. A free copy of the new BCI book from J.R. Wolpaw and E. Winter Wolpaw will be enclosed with each g.HIamp order

7. Spike Toolbox - Mapping Features to Position: A new example shows how to map a moving pendulum's speed relative to its position

8. A new tutorial describes how to use the P300 accuracy function of g.BSanalyze

9. White paper: ECoG based Brain-Computer Interface Research

10. White paper: Brain-Computer Interface Technology for Stroke Rehabilitation

11. New publication: Comparison of dry and gel based electrodes for P300 brain–computer interfaces

12. Workshops and events 2012

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g.tec Newsletter 2011, volume 34 Octobre 2011


1. The winner of the Annual BCI Research Award 2011

2. Our new product catalogue is online now

3. Path-breaking technology: 256 channel biosignal amplifier for invasive and non-invasive measurements of brain functions

4. Publication about the dry electrode system g.SAHARA

3. New development: g.BSanalyze spike toolbox & the intendiX batch file starter

4. Introduction of our branch in Barcelona and of our worldwide distributors

5. ReNaChip: news in the Jerusalem Post

6. Videos of g.REHAbci as well as wheelchair control with SSVEP and motor movement classification with ECoG

7. g.tec's Brain-Computer Interface Workshop and the Spike & ECoG Recording and Analysis Workshop in Washington D.C. during the Neuroscience 2011

8. Workshops and events 2011 & 2012!

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g.tec Newsletter 2012, volume 35 (Février 2012)


1. The Annual BCI Research Award 2012 - submission open!

2. New g.PHYSIOobserver

3. Open development-, research- and management-positions

4. g.HIamp – 256-channel amplifier: Path-breaking technology with impedance measurement for passive and active electrodes

5. New g.GSRsensor

6. New tutorials available: SSVEP BCI with zero class & VEP experiments

7. New Video: g.tec EEG speed test with g.HIamp

8. EC project VERE: open competition

9. Video: imagery instrument by real-time categorisation of brain activities

10. Press release: PC World: Moving a Robotic Arm With Just a Thought

11. Press release: New Scientist: Rat cyborg gets digital cerebellum

12. g.tec's Brain-Computer Interface Workshop tour through Germany, Spain and the USA

13. 1st International Decoder Workshop for the detection of consciousness

14. Workshops and events 2012!

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